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I had the pleasure of meeting Matt and Vita last year during their engagement session in nearby Owls Head. So friendly, laid back, and fun, I knew this was a wedding to look forward to! I was concerned about all the rain that was forecasted for the weekend, but thankfully it wasn't enough to keep everything inside. It was so much fun to watch this day unfold and all the love that surrounded them! I hope you enjoy scrolling through the photos and reading the stories that follow. Thanks for coming!

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Wedding guestbook ideas Flax Studios
Jimmy Choo London Wedding Shoes Flax Studios
Wedding Dress hanging in tree SPI
Putting on the brides makeup

Matt and his groomsmen opted for some classy bow ties. The problem with bow ties is that they are a bit complicated if you aren't accustomed to tying them (I certainly am not). Some time was spent pulling up videos on Youtube and the groomsmen huddled around the screen trying to figure it out. Quite the impressive task to undertake, if I do say so myself. There were of course some hilarious outtakes from the failed attempts, as shown below. Of course, it was all sorted out well before the ceremony! 

How to tie a bow tie
Bow tie video instructions

With everyone ready, it was time the first look and portraits! The weather had just started to drizzle, but we (sort of) got outside just in time!

bride walking down the stairs at spruce point inn wedding
Spruce Point Inn Dock

This has got to be one of the best first looks I have experienced. Here's the backstory... Matt is a funny guy.  On the days leading up to the wedding, he would joke about wearing an eye patch for the first look. This was something that Vita told him was not going to happen. She decided to have some fun herself though and surprise him by wearing a pirate's eye patch for the first look! Needless to say, Matt turned around to quite the hilarious surprise - as you can tell by the expression displayed on his face. Well played Pirate Vita! 

First look surprise reaction Spruce Point Inn Wedding Photographer
Spruce Point Inn First Look
Pirate's Eye Patch First Look
Spruce Point Inn Dock
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Ocean view at Spruce Point Inn Wedding
kissing in the rain
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Bridal party photo
Bridesmaids photos
groomsmans photos
Full body wedding portrait
close up intimate wedding photo
romantic forest wedding flax studios
black and white wedding photos in the woods
a walk in the woods

Thankfully, we were able to have enough time to complete some portraits outside with only light showers but the rest of the festivities had to be moved under cover. That didn't dampen the evening at all though, as there were plenty of good times ahead!

bride walking down the aisle
groom watching his bride walk down the aisle
Spruce Point Inn Tented Wedding
putting the wedding rings
bride and groom walking down the aisle together

Sweet Sensations Wedding Cake

This is a Danish Kransekage cake, which is part of a wedding tradition where the bride and groom lift up the top ring, and however many rings are pulled up with it represent the amount of children they will have. Sadly, this didn't happen while I was there, so I cannot tell you the amount of children they will have! What I can tell you is that I am equally disappointed that I didn't get to eat any of it after finding out that is a sweet almond "marzipan" cake. This was always one of my favorite childhood flavors as my father's family is from Germany and my great Aunt would send some marzipan chocolate bars every Christmas!  

Danish Kransekage cake

It was time for introductions and fun entrances followed by quite a few speeches!  There was probably an unnecessary amount of focus on Vita's eating habits during the speeches...especially since they were from when she was three years old haha. When push comes to shove though, Matt ended up with an Applebee's gift card, so it's all good! 

Bride and grooms entrace
funny bride and groom reception entrance
Funny Wedding Cake Cutting
First dance photo black and white photography
embrace during first wedding dance
Wedding rings macro shot

Thank you Matt and Vita!

- Vendors - 

Photographer: James Flachsbart
Venue and Catering: Spruce Point Inn
Hair and Makeup: New Leaf Salon
Cake: Sweet Sensations
Dress: Maggie Sotero
DJ: DJ Marc Entertainment



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