Allen & Leah | Samoset Resort Wedding | Rockport, Maine Wedding Photographer

My 2019 wedding season kicked off with Allen and Leah right here locally at The Samoset, located on the Rockland waterfront! These two were a blast, and I loved that they were mostly looking forward to enjoying great company, food, drinks, and music together on their wedding day. When Leah mentioned all of this during our initial conversations I knew it was going to be a fun wedding day, which it was! From the moment I arrived, everyone was joking and having a great time. It also always interests me to hear how couples meet as well, and theirs is a good one. Like my wife, Leah is a dental hygienist and her boss (Allen’s uncle), was the one who suggested the two meet. It’s not always the best idea to date your employers family member, but thankfully it turned out to be a perfect match! Even with the less than perfect weather, these two had a perfect day, and I was thankful they chose me to capture it for them. Enjoy the memories captured below!

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Samoset Resort Wedding Photos Flax studios
Bride getting ready photos
Wedding day place card table ideas
Groom getting ready at The Samoset Resort
wedding dress hanging at the samoset resort

Talk about a perfect way to walk around comfortably on your wedding day!

wedding sandals for the bride
Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-18.jpg
Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-19.jpg

Ok….So maybe not everyone loves getting dressed up on a wedding day…haha!

little boy crying while getting ready for the wedding

-First Look-

Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-24.jpg
Groom seeing the bride for the first time

Leah was happy to see this lucky wedding duck that showed up and intruded on the first look!

Samoset Resort duck
Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-33.jpg
Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-46.jpg
Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-37.jpg
Samoset Resort Wedding portrait


Samoset Resort Wedding On The Ocean
Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-53.jpg
father walking his daughter down the aisle during the ceremony
Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-62.jpg
Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-67.jpg
Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-71.jpg

-After Ceremony Formals-

In typical coastal Maine fashion, the weather quickly began to change during there ceremony! As the fog rolled in, you couldn’t ask for more comfortable temperatures in the beginning of June. Blue skies are great, but fog can add a nice soft touch as well.

Full wedding party photo in the fog lit with off camera flash
Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-78.jpg
Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse Wedding Photos
Samoset Resort Lighthouse Wedding Photos
Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-84.jpg
Breakwater Lighthouse walking path


Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-90.jpg
Samoset Wedding First Dance Photos in Black and White

The evening entertainment was provided by the band Wavelength! These folks were awesome for getting the party started, and I would highly recommend!

Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-114.jpg

I love these couple of tender moments below with Allen, Leah, and their parents!

father daughter dance
Mother Son dance

When you have a great spinny dress, you use it! ;)

Cake cutting photos

With the formal events over, it was officially time to dance the night away!!!

fun dancing photos with the flower girl and the bride
Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-130.jpg
Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-138.jpg
Samoset Resort Wedding Photos-145.jpg

Thank you Allen and Leah!

- Vendors - 

James Flachsbart
2nd Photographer/assistant - Laureh Flachsbart
Hair and Makeup- 
Kim Kate Salon
Samoset Resort
The Sugar Tree
Wavelength Band
Ceremony Music -
Windfern Ensemble
Flowers- Friend of the couple (Shannon Renaud)

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The Best Wedding Photos of 2018

This is always a fun blog post to put together at the end of every year! I “briefly” scrolled through some of 16,000+ delivered images from last year’s Maine weddings, and loved reliving these memories. It is such an honor to be chosen to capture your weddings and, as exhausting and stressful as it can be, it’s also truly rewarding. To see some of the awesome moments I get to be a part of and to capture is exhilarating! Of course, it’s impossible to really narrow down an entire season into a single blog post, but here we go… In no particular order… these are some of my favorite photos from the 2018 wedding season!

Point Lookout Maine Wedding.jpg
North Haven Maine Wedding Photographer-25.jpg
Sunday River Wedding Photography-52.jpg
Point Lookout Northport Maine Wedding-48.jpg
Castine Maine Weddings Flax Studios-74.jpg
Bar Harbor Inn Wedding Photographers-54.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-128.jpg
Grace Wedding Portland Maine Wedding Photography-41.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-33.jpg
Caswell Farm Maine Barn Wedding-135.jpg
Point Lookout Weddings Flax Studios-26.jpg
Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-46.jpg
The 1774 Inn Wedding Photographers-120.jpg
Castine Maine Wedding Photographers Flax Studios-18.jpg
Grace Wedding Portland Maine Wedding Photography-29.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographers-93.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographer-90.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographers-39.jpg
North Haven Maine Wedding Photographer-104.jpg
Portland Maine Elopement Photographer-35.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-5.jpg
Castine Maine Wedding Photographers Flax Studios-91.jpg
The 1774 Inn Wedding Photographers-127.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-133.jpg
Castine Maine Weddings Flax Studios-81.jpg
Bar Harbor Inn Wedding Photographers-24.jpg
Point Lookout Northport Maine Wedding-151.jpg
North Haven Maine Wedding Photographer-23.jpg
Sunday River Wedding Photography-116.jpg

This moment of joy between David and Laura as they literally ran out from their ceremony was awesome!

Point Lookout Weddings Flax Studios-58.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-35.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-39.jpg

This wedding party deserves their own little collage of outtakes, haha!

York Maine Wedding Photographer-93.jpg
Caswell Farm Maine Barn Wedding-165.jpg
Grace Wedding Portland Maine Wedding Photography-56.jpg
Sunday River Wedding Photography-60.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-96.jpg
Harmony Hill Farm Wedding Photographers-98.jpg
Point Lookout Weddings Flax Studios-55.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographers-124.jpg
Harmony Hill Farm Wedding Photographers-79.jpg
Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-54.jpg
Point Lookout Northport Maine Wedding-94.jpg
Gray Maine Wedding Photography-1.jpg
Castine Maine Weddings Flax Studios-78.jpg
Portland Maine Elopement Photographer-36.jpg
Point Lookout Weddings Flax Studios-48.jpg

These two best friends could hardly stop laughing hysterically together ALL DAY! haha

The 1774 Inn Wedding Photographers-76.jpg
Castine Maine Weddings Flax Studios-78.jpg
Harmony Hill Farm Wedding Photographers-110.jpg
Point Lookout Weddings Flax Studios-41.jpg
Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-93.jpg
York Maine Wedding Photographer-64.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-123.jpg
North Haven Maine Wedding Photographer-109.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographer-82.jpg
Sunday River Wedding Photography-63.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographer-115.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographer-32.5.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographer-23.jpg
The 1774 Inn Wedding Photographers-126.jpg
Bar Harbor Inn Wedding Photographers-47.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-41.jpg
Point Lookout Weddings Flax Studios-42.jpg
Point Lookout Northport Maine Wedding-23.jpg
Castine Maine Wedding Photographers Flax Studios-61.jpg
Harmony Hill Farm Wedding Photographers-121.jpg
Grace Wedding Portland Maine Wedding Photography-88.jpg
Point Lookout Northport Maine Wedding-41.jpg
The 1774 Inn Wedding Photographers-122.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographers-31.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-79.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-111.jpg
Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-140.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-57.jpg
Point Lookout Northport Maine Wedding-28.jpg
Harmony Hill Farm Wedding Photographers-23.jpg
Sunday River Wedding Photography-57.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-103.jpg
The 1774 Inn Wedding Photographers-91.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-46.jpg
York Maine Wedding Photographer-22.jpg
Point Lookout Northport Maine Wedding-150.jpg
North Haven Maine Wedding Photographer-27.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-126.jpg
Nubble Lighthouse Wedding-1.jpg
Castine Maine Weddings Flax Studios-75.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-100.jpg
Caswell Farm Maine Barn Wedding-8.jpg
The 1774 Inn Wedding Photographers-129.jpg

A special thanks to each and every one of you. I love you all!