The Best Wedding Photos of 2018

This is always a fun blog post to put together at the end of every year! I “briefly” scrolled through some of 16,000+ delivered images from last year’s Maine weddings, and loved reliving these memories. It is such an honor to be chosen to capture your weddings and, as exhausting and stressful as it can be, it’s also truly rewarding. To see some of the awesome moments I get to be a part of and to capture is exhilarating! Of course, it’s impossible to really narrow down an entire season into a single blog post, but here we go… In no particular order… these are some of my favorite photos from the 2018 wedding season!

Point Lookout Maine Wedding.jpg
North Haven Maine Wedding Photographer-25.jpg
Sunday River Wedding Photography-52.jpg
Point Lookout Northport Maine Wedding-48.jpg
Castine Maine Weddings Flax Studios-74.jpg
Bar Harbor Inn Wedding Photographers-54.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-128.jpg
Grace Wedding Portland Maine Wedding Photography-41.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-33.jpg
Caswell Farm Maine Barn Wedding-135.jpg
Point Lookout Weddings Flax Studios-26.jpg
Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-46.jpg
The 1774 Inn Wedding Photographers-120.jpg
Castine Maine Wedding Photographers Flax Studios-18.jpg
Grace Wedding Portland Maine Wedding Photography-29.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographers-93.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographer-90.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographers-39.jpg
North Haven Maine Wedding Photographer-104.jpg
Portland Maine Elopement Photographer-35.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-5.jpg
Castine Maine Wedding Photographers Flax Studios-91.jpg
The 1774 Inn Wedding Photographers-127.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-133.jpg
Castine Maine Weddings Flax Studios-81.jpg
Bar Harbor Inn Wedding Photographers-24.jpg
Point Lookout Northport Maine Wedding-151.jpg
North Haven Maine Wedding Photographer-23.jpg
Sunday River Wedding Photography-116.jpg

This moment of joy between David and Laura as they literally ran out from their ceremony was awesome!

Point Lookout Weddings Flax Studios-58.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-35.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-39.jpg

This wedding party deserves their own little collage of outtakes, haha!

York Maine Wedding Photographer-93.jpg
Caswell Farm Maine Barn Wedding-165.jpg
Grace Wedding Portland Maine Wedding Photography-56.jpg
Sunday River Wedding Photography-60.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-96.jpg
Harmony Hill Farm Wedding Photographers-98.jpg
Point Lookout Weddings Flax Studios-55.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographers-124.jpg
Harmony Hill Farm Wedding Photographers-79.jpg
Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-54.jpg
Point Lookout Northport Maine Wedding-94.jpg
Gray Maine Wedding Photography-1.jpg
Castine Maine Weddings Flax Studios-78.jpg
Portland Maine Elopement Photographer-36.jpg
Point Lookout Weddings Flax Studios-48.jpg

These two best friends could hardly stop laughing hysterically together ALL DAY! haha

The 1774 Inn Wedding Photographers-76.jpg
Castine Maine Weddings Flax Studios-78.jpg
Harmony Hill Farm Wedding Photographers-110.jpg
Point Lookout Weddings Flax Studios-41.jpg
Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-93.jpg
York Maine Wedding Photographer-64.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-123.jpg
North Haven Maine Wedding Photographer-109.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographer-82.jpg
Sunday River Wedding Photography-63.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographer-115.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographer-32.5.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographer-23.jpg
The 1774 Inn Wedding Photographers-126.jpg
Bar Harbor Inn Wedding Photographers-47.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-41.jpg
Point Lookout Weddings Flax Studios-42.jpg
Point Lookout Northport Maine Wedding-23.jpg
Castine Maine Wedding Photographers Flax Studios-61.jpg
Harmony Hill Farm Wedding Photographers-121.jpg
Grace Wedding Portland Maine Wedding Photography-88.jpg
Point Lookout Northport Maine Wedding-41.jpg
The 1774 Inn Wedding Photographers-122.jpg
Point Lookout Maine Wedding Photographers-31.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-79.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-111.jpg
Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-140.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-57.jpg
Point Lookout Northport Maine Wedding-28.jpg
Harmony Hill Farm Wedding Photographers-23.jpg
Sunday River Wedding Photography-57.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-103.jpg
The 1774 Inn Wedding Photographers-91.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-46.jpg
York Maine Wedding Photographer-22.jpg
Point Lookout Northport Maine Wedding-150.jpg
North Haven Maine Wedding Photographer-27.jpg
Ellsworth Maine Wedding Photographers-126.jpg
Nubble Lighthouse Wedding-1.jpg
Castine Maine Weddings Flax Studios-75.jpg
Spruce Point Inn Wedding Boothbay Harbor-100.jpg
Caswell Farm Maine Barn Wedding-8.jpg
The 1774 Inn Wedding Photographers-129.jpg

A special thanks to each and every one of you. I love you all!

Joe + Katie | Thompsons Point Wedding | Portland, Maine Photographer

Not everyone plans their coastal Maine wedding in November, but Joey and Katie did! In a year that was full of some crazy weather, it proved to be no different for them. Thankfully, it was reasonably warm and the rains cleared off for a few outdoor photos, but WOW, that wind was crazy! Everything about this day was both beautiful and fun, and it was also a perfect way to end my wedding season. I’m thankful they chose me to capture their big day, and hope that you enjoying reliving the day through the photos and stories that follow. Thanks for coming, and cheers!

-At the end of this blog post is a link to the full album and ordering gallery-

Thompsons Point Wedding Photographers Flax Studios
Bride getting her Makeup done

When I met Al and asked if he was the father, he said, “No, I’m the F.O.B.” haha!

Father of the bride
Wedding Dress hanging up
informal bridesmaid photos

Ellie has been a life long companion, so of course was included as part of the day!

Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-7.jpg
Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-15.jpg
old typewriter for a wedding

The ceremony was held at this beautiful church in Falmouth, The Episcopal Church of Saint Mary. Its stone architecture, made for a perfect backdrop!

The Episcopal Church of Saint Mary
father walking his daughter down the aisle
Episcopal Wedding ceremony
first kiss at the end of the ceremony
bride and groom exiting the church together
Wedding party photos outside of the church
Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-40.jpg
classic black and white wedding portraits flax studios

For the wedding party photos, we jumped outside once the rain started to clear up. It was cold and REALLY WINDY, but that also made for this perfect photo of Joey and Katie walking together surround by blowing leaves!

Portland wedding photos in the fall
casual wedding photographers in maine

Before the official cocktail hour and reception, it was time to stop off at their favorite brewery together (Bissell Brothers) for a pint and a few snaps!

Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-53.jpg
Bissel Brothers Brewery in Portland Maine
Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-55.jpg

The reception was held at Brick South, which is a really cool industrial event space also located on Thompsons Point, just across from the brewery!

Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-66.jpg

A really unique and cool aspect of the reception was the lack of traditional toasts by friends. Instead, stories and toasts were written out and placed around everywhere. Very cool!

unique wedding toast ideas
Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-81.jpg
Thompsons Point Wedding Portland Maine-91.jpg
First Dance Brick South Wedding Reception
Wedding rings up close
mother son dance
Bride and groom cutting the cake

A good old fashioned wedding cake to the face!

smashing cake in the grooms face

Among my favorites memories of the day was this next moment. For their wedding cake topper, Katie borrowed her grandparents one that was used on their cake 60 years ago! It was especially sweet to see the grandparents invited to come up and cut the cake as well -60 years after they first did!

vintage wedding cake topper

With the formalities complete, it was time to get back to the party and Danny of Northeast Event Design got the floor moving!

large group wedding photo on the dance floor
Brick South Wedding Photographers

Towards the end of my time, the kids came out to pass out comfy socks for everyone to dance in haha!

Brick South Venue Space
Thompsons Point Wedding Brick South Venue Flax Studios

Thank you Joey and Katie!

- Vendors - 

James Flachsbart
Hair and Makeup- 
bei capelli
Brick South
Cake- Brides childhood friend, Lindsay Allen
Badgley Mischka
111 Maine | Catering
Northeast Event Design- Danny Debruin
Planner & Flowers- 
Lani Toscano Design

Want see the rest of the photos or make orders? Click the link below to see the full album and make orders for a limited time!