Jordan + Katelin | The Timber Hitch Farmhouse Wedding | Sangerville, Maine Photographer

Well…Talk about a day with some things you wouldn’t expect! A common thing I tell my clients is something along the lines of, “Don’t sweat the small stuff too much, because no one will even notice those things. Things sometimes don’t go as planned, so just go with it and make sure you have fun!”. What you definitely can’t prepare for is getting HAILED ON IN AUGUST just as you about to walk down the aisle. I mean seriously, you can’t make this stuff up! Thankfully, the rest of the day turned out to be gorgeous, and I’m so glad that Jordan and Katelin got to enjoy the rest of their wedding day. This was certainly a memorable one, and I hope you enjoy reliving the day through the photos captured below!

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The Timber Hitch Farmhouse Wedding Photos
wedding invitation stationary
close up of the brides engagement ring
little girl looking out the winder

Not everyone enjoys the wedding day, haha!

little girl crying on the wedding day
The Timber Hitch Farmhouse arbor
maine barn wedding groomsmen photos

Jordan and Katelin decided they wouldn’t be able to get through their vows in front of everyone, so they did something unique. Their vows were written out and given to each other to be read privately before the ceremony. There may have been some slight tears from both of them. :)

documentary wedding photography
the groom tearing up while reading his wedding vows
the bride tearing up while reading her wedding vows
black and white creative wedding angles
The Timber Hitch Farmhouse Wedding Photographer-28.jpg

This is the point when things go way off the plan! As the bridemaids began walking down the aisle, the skies grew extra dark with some slight raining. Just as Katelin was about to come out, the skies OPENED UP(as you see below), with heavy rain and hail. Things were quickly called off with everyone running into the barn for cover. Katelin made her way back into the house, which is where I found her. To someone who has dreamed about this moment for a long time, this was understandably upsetting. This is where having an awesome team of vendors come in! Since she decided she wanted to wait out the storm, the ceremony was delayed an hour. Katelin hid away with her bridesmaids for a private cocktail hour upstairs in the house, while all the guests began an early cocktail hour in the barn. Kudos to the Timber Hitch staff and Trinity Catering for being so accommodating!

wedding ceremony in the rain

Since we now had time to kill, Katelin had wanted a photo on her in the mirror. I got creative and grabbed a light so start putting together this shot below! Afterwards, the ladies continued their cocktail hour and practiced some dancing. The mood of disappointment quickly faded and the good times continued!

The Timber Hitch Farmhouse Wedding photographer flax studios

With things clearing up, the boys went out with squeegees and towels and began prepping to start the ceremony again!

cleaning the benches to prepare for the ceremony
timber hitch farmhouse ceremony site
The Timber Hitch Farmhouse Wedding Photographer-57.jpg
first kiss at the wedding ceremony
Timber Hitch Farm Wedding Party Photos
Bridesmaids Photos
The Timber Hitch Farmhouse Wedding Photographer-64.jpg
Nikon 105mm 1.4G Wedding Portrait


It was time for the festivities to commence! First dance, speeches, cake cutting, and parent dances. All followed by a great night of dancing!

wedding reception entrance
black and white first dance photos
capturing the first dance from a higher vantage point
end of the first dance spin
the bride tearing up during the speeches
maine barn wedding cake
Cake cutting ceremony
wedding shoe game
close up of the wedding rings

With the sun beginning to set, we went out for a few more portraits!

off camera lighting at sunset
black and white timber hitch farmhouse wedding photo
a walk at sunset with the bride and groom
timber hitch barn wedding flax studios
The Timber Hitch Farmhouse Wedding Photographer-113.jpg
The Timber Hitch Farmhouse Wedding Photographer-114.jpg
romantic black and white wedding photos

An awesome little tradition that The Timber Hitch Farmhouse is doing, is giving their couples a key to nail up in the barn with their names written beside it. Forever memorializing their moment there. I love this!!!


The Timber Hitch Farmhouse Wedding Photographer-129.jpg

This kid was nuts! He danced like this for hours, and I wish I knew where the source of that kind of energy is…

kid going crazy on the dance floor
Timber Hitch Farm at Sunset
sparkler exit
The Timber Hitch Farmhouse Wedding Photographer-143.jpg

Sometimes I like to mix up the way I shoot the dancing. Below I “dragged the shutter”. With a slow shutter speed and lights, I can freeze the subject while creating a blurry effect around them. A fun effect for party time!

dragging the shutter

A bridesmaid may have stolen my camera at one point….

The Timber Hitch Farmhouse Wedding Photographer-160.jpg
The Timber Hitch Farmhouse Wedding Photographer-161.jpg
The Timber Hitch Farmhouse Wedding Photographer-162.jpg

Thank you Jordan and Katelin!

Photographer - James Flachsbart
Makeup- Makeup by Samantha Clark
Venue- The Timber Hitch Farmhouse
Cake- Got Cake? in Maine
Flowers- The Robin's Nest
Dress- Blush Bridal & Formal - Portland
Suit- The Henry's Bridal Boutique and Formal Wear
Catering- Trinity Catering
DJ or Band- DJ Hoss Live
Officiant – Tim Faulkner

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John + Abbey | Samoset Resort Wedding | Rockport, Maine Wedding Photographer

John and Abbey met each other in college through their roommates at UCONN, and that sparked the beginning of forever for them! I had the pleasure of meeting up with them a few months back for coffee, and have been looking forward to capturing their wedding since. It was a bit warm out for their wedding day, but the benefit of an oceanfront location like the Samoset is that lovely ocean breeze! I showed up to everyone just relaxing and having a good time together as they got ready. Excitement was high, and everyone was ready to go! The whole day was great from start to finished, and I hope you enjoy reliving some of it through the photos. Thanks for coming!

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Samoset Rockport Maine Wedding Photographer-108.jpg
Bride getting her hair done
Wedding dress hanging on the timber beams
the bridemaids helping the bride into her dress
The bride putting on her wedding shoes
bride with her bridesmaids at the samoset resort in Rockport, ME
Bridal portrait at The Samoset Resort with Nikon 105mm 1.4G Lens

Guys getting ready in their samoset suite room
groom and groomsmen photos on the Oceanside deck of the samoset


With it being such a beautiful day, the ceremony was held down near the water, overlooking the iconic breakwater lighthouse.

Rockland breakwater light view from the Samoset resort

A quick group shot with all the guests waving!

Ultrawide group photo with all of the wedding guests
father walking with his daughter to the wedding ceremony
Samoset resort outdoor ceremony site

Abbey and John wrote their own vows, which is always a great touch!

Samoset Rockport Maine Wedding Photographer-48.jpg
First kiss at he end of the ceremony
Samoset Rockport Maine Wedding Photographer-50.jpg
Formal wedding party portrait lighting

The walk to the breakwater was extra amusing, with one of the bridesmaids getting a ride , and John needing a bit of a snack haha

Ultrawide wedding party portrait on the Rockland Breakwater
Samoset Rockport Maine Wedding Photographer
Black and white wedding photos on the breakwater
Samoset Rockport Maine Wedding Photographer-66.jpg


The reception was held on the lawn outside of the Samoset. It had just started to cool off, so that everyone could enjoy cocktail hour and the beautiful views! After one of the wedding party members captured a group drone photo from above, everyone headed under the tent for the formal events. I’m glad I had a slight heads up about their first dance, because WOW, this was one for the books!

Samoset Rockport Maine Wedding Photographer-72.jpg
wedding reception entrance
Samoset Rockport Maine Wedding Photographer-82.jpg
Samoset Rockport Maine First Dance
Epic first dance moves
Had to turn a few photos into this little GIF!

Had to turn a few photos into this little GIF!

Samoset Rockport Maine Wedding Photographer-85.jpg
Samoset Rockport Maine Wedding Photographer-90.jpg
bokeh wedding portrait

After the parent dances, we jumped in the golf cart to try and catch a little post sunset light!

Sunset on the water at the samoset
wedding silhouette photo
Samoset Rockport Maine Wedding Photographer-110.jpg

Since John had driven his Camaro up for the wedding, we of course had to use it in some photos!

Creative car wedding photos
Wedding portraits with the grooms Chevrolet Camaro

With all of the formal events complete, it was TIME TO PARTY!

Wedding reception party photos
Samoset Rockport Maine Wedding Photographer-117.jpg
lifting up the groom on the dance floor
Samoset Resort at Night Rockport Maine
Rockland Maine Moon
Samoset Rockport Maine Wedding Photographer-147.jpg

As a wedding photographer, you know you aren’t close enough unless you have been kicked in the face on the dance floor…AND CAPTURED IT! haha

bride on the dance floor

Thank you John and Abbey!


Photographer - James Flachsbart
2nd photographer/assistant - Laureh Flachsbart
Venue & Catering - Samoset Resort
Hair - Babes by Lizzy
Makeup - Makeup by Samantha Clark
Cake - The Sugar Tree
Flowers - Seasons Downeast Designs
DJ - Unlimited Engagements
Coordinator - Linde Schwartz

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