How would you describe your style of shooting? 
I would describe my style as mostly photojournalistic. To be honest, the least favorite part of my work is having to pose people. I love to capture moments and have fun doing it. Much of my day (whether it involves weddings or portraits sessions), is almost always full of laughter! I want you to feel comfortable and have a good time without being too worried about the camera. I don't want you to be stiff or uncomfortable, so I do whatever I can to make the whole process as easy as possible! My editing process is to keep things as timeless as possible, no trendy filters here! My goal is to do as good of a job as possible the first time, and edit minimally. I'm not a huge fan of some of the current trends that I believe will die out eventually. My goal is to create natural looking color and B&W photos that will be timeless.

How many photos will we receive from our wedding? 
There are many variables that go into the amount of photos you will receive, but most commonly it is at least 600 for an 8 hour package with a single shooter. 

Is it possible to view an entire wedding you have done?
Of Course! If you check out the blog, you can see the highlights of an entire wedding day, as well as a link at the bottom of each post that leads to the FULL galleries! You absolutely should see a full wedding album or two to get an idea of what it is you will receive.  Please inspect closely! Are they sharp? In focus? Well thought out? Do people look comfortable? Do they look to all be taken by the same person? There are so many things to look at and I encourage you to look at them all! I want you to be as thrilled with your photos as I was to capture them!

Do you have an assistant or a second shooter?
Upon request, I do offer the option of adding a second shooter to any package. While it may not be a necessity in capturing your day, it is something I certainly recommend. You'll receive more photos and a different perspective, but they will flow seamlessly alongside my work! For the record though, almost all of the work you have seen I shot solo.

Who is your second photographer?
Should you choose to have a second photographer added to your package, I won't choose someone until a couple months out from your wedding date. Sounds weird right? It's actually because my goal is to have another real professional shoot alongside me, not just a friend or amateur. No professional wants to accept a second shooter job if they have the chance of filling that date with their own wedding. Most weddings are booked around a year in advance(or more), so if it's only a couple months until your wedding, my choices get better by the day! 

What do you require to reserve our date?
I require a signed contract and normally around 1/3 down in order to set your date aside.

How long until our photos are finished?
For weddings, my contract states 12 weeks. Sometimes it is much sooner depending on the time of year and my current workload. Usually within a few days of the shoot, I will try and post some previews to help hold you over until they are all finished! 

What happens if you can’t make it to the wedding?
Chances are, if I'm not there, it's because I am dead. I know, bummer, right?! In all seriousness though, I have never missed a wedding(130+ and going) and I hopefully never will(I've never been late either)! In the event that for some reason I am far too sick to be there, I will have another competent professional take my place for the day and I will finish your photos. It's a horrifying thought to me that I would leave someone without their wedding photos and I do everything in my power to make sure that does not happen. I know many other awesome Maine wedding photographers who would have my back if I'm in a tough spot. In 2014, I missed one of my friends wedding in order to cover for a fellow photographer last minute after they wound up in the ER.

"Hmmm ok, what happens if you lose our photos though?"
I wont. I bring multiple professional DSLR cameras(with dual card slots). If one camera goes down, I have multiple backups. If my card fails, it's written on a second one. When I get home, everything is backed up on my computer and I also copy it to another hard drive that I leave elsewhere so even if my house burns down, you will not lose your photos!

Where are you based out of and do you travel?
I am based out of South Thomaston, Maine on the midcoast(think Rockland/Camden area). And yes, I will travel anywhere! I've shot from Kennebunk to Fort Kent and have even done weddings out of state like New York and New Hampshire! Travel and sometimes room fees do apply depending on the distance. If you would like to fly me out somewhere beautiful(and I can bring my wife), I may even consider some kind of special deal! Contact me!

Is it possible to meet up with you so we can get to know each other before deciding?
Absolutely! I'd love to take you out for coffee if you are able to make it out my way! 

We'd like to book Flax Studios for our wedding day or portrait session! What’s the next step?
Head over to the contact page and shoot me a message, I look forward to speaking with you!