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 It certainly was a beautiful day at Point Lookout for Dave and Addie's wedding! I'm not sure if I have ever worked with a couple who put such thorough planning into both their wedding day and the days around it. As Addie put it, "I realized that I wasn't just planning my own wedding from a distance, but also a vacation for 200 people".  I may have paraphrased that statement from memory, but it highlighted the amount of work these two put into making sure that everyone who was coming to celebrate their union would have a great time! Hearing the stories about these two throughout the day from family and friends was a real joy.  The couple first met online, but Dave insisted they speak on the phone before meeting in person just to make sure she "wasn't crazy" haha. While their initial meet was supposed to be just for drinks, Addie proceed to order a large sandwich to Dave's amusement, and the rest is history! My favorite moment during the day was the vows which they had written themselves and kept private until the ceremony. Addie commented that she pretends to be mad at Dave when she inquires about the reasons he loves her and he can't give a thorough answer; Dave's vow directly answered with an endearing detailed list of reasons. It was a seamlessly perfect moment for what is clearly a perfectly matched couple! It was such a joy to spend the day with this adventurous couple, and I hope you enjoy reliving the day's story through these pictures. Thanks for coming!

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We began the day at Addie's mother's house in Camden where the two of them got ready at adjacent properties. Her mother has such a beautiful garden that she has nurtured in her backyard. It certainly made the perfect backdrop for their first look!

backyard garden bridge design
Brothers having a drink
Brides Jewelry earrings
backyard first look
wedding pictures on a bridge
backyard wedding portraits

Addie's gift to Dave was sort of a gag gift, being a new Google Home unit. It had come up in conversation before and even though he is very technically savvy, it was something he seemed to find a little ridiculous from what I gathered. He definetly had a good chuckle when he opened it! 

It not to common to put yourself in compromising places BEFORE a wedding ceremony, but that's what we did and it was awesome! Addie has spent plenty of her life on the water along with her father Charlie and she wanted to incorporate that into some of her wedding day photos. It quickly became obvious that Addie is a well known figure in the Camden waterfront community as we ran into a handful of people who knew her! We boarded her father's boat for a quick ride around the harbor where he was waiting adorned with what she called his "uniform".  Sure enough, when I saw him later at the wedding, I didn't recognize him out of his sailing apparel, haha. Another fun note is that the following week when my wife and I were out in our sailboat, I was recounting a story of their wedding day and Addie's father's boat, only to find out that we are actually mooring neighbors here in Owls Head! Small world... :) 

bride and groom walking on a pier
father daughter wedding photos
wedding photos on a sailboat
Camden harbor wedding photos flax studios
pictures of camden harbor and mount battie
Dip for a kiss on a boat
low angle boat photography
Camden Maine Harbor Wedding Flax Studios
Fun bride and groom pictures on the ocean
sailboat boom arm
Point Lookout Table Decorations

What a PERFECT day it was out on The Summit and Point Lookout Resort lawn. Look at those clear skies and clouds! 

Outdoor Point Lookout Wedding
Walking down the aisle at Point Lookout
Point Lookout Photographer Flax Studios
Back of wedding dress details
Black and White Wedding Portrait
Point Lookout Wedding Photos Flax Studios
wedding introductions
Point Lookout Wedding First Dance

They even celebrated with the same Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale that they had on their first date!

First Date Beer

This impressive cake - by Sweet Sensations in Rockport, Maine - had to be made on the spot. It was a tower of strawberry shortcake! You should have seen the giant bowls of strawberry sauce to go with it...mmmm

Sweet Sensations Wedding Cake Flax Studios
The View From Point Lookout Summit Flax Studios
Point Lookout Sunset
fun dance floor photos
Astrophotography wedding photos flax studios

Thank you Dave and Addie!

- Vendors - 

Photographer: James Flachsbart
Venue & Catering - Point Lookout Resort
Venue coordinator: Jessica Riley
Cake: Sweet Sensations
Hair and Makeup: Green With Envy Salon

Flowers: David Robichaud
Wedding Bouquets: Seasons Downeast Design
DJ: Kevin Duran of Double Platinum Celebrations


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