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After seven years together, it was finally time for Jo and Savannah to get married! I've known Jo for a long time and was both excited and anxious to do a wedding for a friend. It's always a lot of fun working with people you know, but I also feel the extra pressure of wanting to knock it out of the park for them! Being a wedding photographer is a stressful job, you often have only one shot to get it right, and that is what someone will have on their wall for the rest of their life. You drive home feeling good about what you've captured, but kick yourself on something you wished you had done better(or differently). Overall, I CAN say that I had an amazing time, gave it everything I had, and am so excited to share these memories! One of the big hopes for the day was to go out and try to capture some night shots after the reception, and wow, did we! The first image below is one of my absolute favorites of the year. The sky was perfect, the lighting/posing spot-on, and their loving expressions just MAKE it.  It was such a blessing to be there for this wedding that was full of emotion and excitement! Savannah got ready at her mother's house, while Jo got ready at his parents' house. Everyone was bustling about, but no one really seemed nervous, just looking forward to the day finally being here. When they were finished getting ready, all of the first looks were beautiful. The embrace with her mother, her father's mouth covering awe, and the tender moment he had with his mom were all just awesome! The tear filled ceremony was held in a clearing through the woods, where they tenderly exchanged vows witnessed by just their closest friends and family. After some formals (even deeper into the woods), it was off to their grand entrance at the reception where the rest of the guests eagerly awaited their arrival! Ari the flower girl stole the show and followed my on-the-spot instruction to give a big twirl on her way in. Jo and Savannah greeted the cheering guests, everyone dined together, heartfelt toasts were given, and the night was danced away until the happy couple left with a sparkler exit! This is probably the first wedding where time was set aside to take a few night shots after the reception, which turned out to be an awesome decision! We captured some amazing portraits under the stars in Blue Hill, as well as one of the coolest bridal party photos to date! Again, it was such an honor to capture this wedding for Jo and Savannah, I wish them a long and happy life together, and I hope everyone loves these photos. Thanks so much for coming!!!

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Blue Hill Maine Wedding Photographer Flax Studios Astrophotography portraits
Bride Getting Ready
Bridal shoes something borrowed
Brides Dress Details
Creative Getting Ready Photos Brides Jewelry
Grooms details
Lacing up the wedding dress
Bride putting on wedding dress
Bridal gown laces
Walking down the staircase Maine Weddings
Mother of the bride seeing her for the first time
Bridal Portrait Flax Studios Maine Wedding Photographers
Groom Getting Ready
Brides Father
Flower girl in the woods
Bride and father before the ceremony
Awaiting his bride at the ceremony
Father walking his daughter down the aisle
Holding hands for the communion
Bride crying during her vows
Bride crying during the vows Maine Wedding Photographers
Groom saying vows
First kiss forest ceremony Flax Studios
Romantic Wedding Portraits
Rustic Bridge Wedding Photos
Groom carrying bride through fields Maine Weddings
Kissing in tall grass photo ideas
Wedding photos in tall grass
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Flower Girl Spinning In Her Dress
Bride and Grooms entrance
Wedding entrance photo Flax Studios
Blue Hill Maine Weddings
Wedding ring detail photos
Group photo with all the wedding guests
First Dance Blue Hill Wedding
Fun dancing photos Blue Hill ME
Fun Dancing Photos Maine Weddings
Sparkler Exit Maine Wedding Photographers Flax Studios
Off Camera Flash Wedding Portraits Flax Studios
Creative Off Camera Flash Portraits Flax Studios
Astrophotography portraits Flax Studios Blue Hill Maine Wedding Photographer

Thank you Jo and Savannah!

- Vendors - 

Photographer: James Flachsbart

Venue: ME Astbury Barn
Cake: Kierra Speed
Flowers: Fairwinds Florist
Hair: Sam Thulin, Salon Verde
Makeup: Abigail Lord & Kerisa Potter
Dress: David's Bridal
Music: Kyle Becker (Piano)

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