Clay + Caitlin | Castine, Maine Destination Wedding Photography

This was my second time this year enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Castine for a small destination wedding! Yet again, the location was a beautiful little property where all of the festivities would happen. Clay and Caitlin have traveled all around the country together with their pup Lucy and their fifth wheel. Now it was time to settle down! The day turned out perfectly with rain holding off and the clouds clearing enough for a fantastic sunset on the beach! My favorite memory of the day had to be Cait's sister telling a story during her toast about Raspberries.  As kids, they both loved them and once they each got their own carton. Cait had convinced her sister that the "hairs" on the berries were in fact "Dead cat hairs"(I'm laughing writing this), so that she would relinquish her berries to her sister....and it worked! haha. Let's just say that the main pie they cut may have had some of this rumored hair in it. Have I completely turned you off into checking out the rest of this blog post? I hope not, because it was an awesome day that I was happy to be there to capture! Enjoy! 

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romantic sunset wedding photos Castine Maine
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father daughter first look
brides portrait
Black and white brides portrait

Lucy and Cooper were not the easiest dogs to get a photo with! Cooper was a crazy person as you'll see later...

dogs at weddings
dad walking his daughter down the aisle
the groom waiting for his bribe
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castine, ME wedding locations

Caitlin forgot her vows when she was ready to walk down the aisle, and Clay forgot to give her his card to read before the ceremony. With the prerequisite that it may not fully apply to the situation, he read the card to her in front of everyone as part of the vows. Caitlin may or may not have been trying hard to not cry as you can see below. :) 

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First Kiss
black and white documentary wedding photography
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high grass fields in castine maine
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Kids aren't always the most cooperative photo subjects, so might as well let them have some fun! 

funny wedding photos with kids

If you look closely at the photo below, you can see the moment the cork popped out of the champagne bottle! 

champagne toast
pop the cork.gif
large group wedding photo
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Cooper(below) spent the majority of the evening running around like a mad man on the property with his tennis ball, completely uncatchable to anyone who tried. 

dog running and playing with a tennis ball

Markel's Bakehouse again for the win with dinner. Those lobster puffs....YUM!

wedding day pies instead of cake
wedding ring macro shot
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Castine Maine Weddings Flax Studios-65.jpg
Romantic Weddings Flax Studios

Some of the states the happy couple have visited together!

bride and groom walking down the aisle
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Castine Maine Weddings Flax Studios black and white

To finished up the day, we went down to the beach for an incredible sunset! We may have lost quarts of blood to the mosquitoes, but totally worth it!

Castine Maine Sunsets
Castine Maine Wedding Photographer Flax Studios
Off Camera flash sunset lighting
Castine Maine Weddings Flax Studios
end of the day wedding photos

Thank you Clay and Claitlin!

- Vendors - 

Photographer: James Flachsbart
Venue: Private Rental
Catering & Cake: M
arkels Bake House
Hair & Makeup: Blush Salon


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