Ron + Louanne | Maine Barn Wedding | Tenant's Harbor, ME Wedding Photographer

The day was a warm and sunny one in Tenant's Harbor, with people relaxing, preparing food, and the accompaniment of children running around. Ron and Louanne had a slightly different, but wonderful take on the traditional Maine barn wedding. This was more of a family gathering and week long celebration. What better way to spend your wedding week, then surrounded by the closet friends and family!  I first joined them the day before for the rehearsal, followed up by a lobster bake! Certainly fun to document some of the preparations, which is not something that I often get the opportunity to do.  I hope you enjoy reliving these two days through the pictures and stories that follow!

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Mosquito Head Road St George Maine
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bees pollinating a flower
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Maine Lobster
How to cook lobster
boy looking at desserts
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Old Maine Barn Tools

The wedding day was here and it was time for everyone to get ready! So many beautiful decorations adorned the inside of the barn, and Louanne's sister did a wonderful job in preparing the flowers for the day. In a common Maine coastal display, the fog had rolled in and it was considerably cooler than the day before. This certainly didn't take away from the sights of the backyard wedding site at all though!

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Groom waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle
bride walking down the aisle
Chuck Taylor wedding shoes
Creative wedding ceremony pictures
Maine backyard wedding ceremony

A big part of Ron and Louanne's ceremony was the recognition and remembering of their passed spouses. This was an emotional time for everyone involved, and even as someone with no personal connection, it was hard to keep dry eyes. Both families lit candles in their memory, which were then used by Ron and Louanne to light their candle with. The love and support of having their children by their side during the ceremony I am sure meant the world the them. 

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It was clear to me early on that these two have no problem joking around. One of my favorite moments was when it was time for the rings, Ron hid his hands behind his back in a joking manner, pretending to avoid the moment. haha!

bride and grooms first kiss
throwing confetti at the end of a wedding ceremony
children throwing confetti at a wedding
Large group photo at a wedding
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Maine barn wedding photography
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After some formal photos, it was time for them to join the party and have some dinner! Adults made conversation, while the children painted starfish and enjoyed running around in the great outdoors. Last thing to do was to clear the tables and open up the dance floor! 

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Thank you Ron and Louanne

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Photographer: James Flachsbart


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