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During my initial talks with Ben and Holli, they described their wedding as being my easiest of the year, which is always music to a photographer's ears haha. While I'm not sure sure it was my easiest(whew, that heat), it was a wonderful and laid back event filled with friends and family! Ben and Holli met on a chance bowling outing, and as legend goes, Holli was wooed(maybe reluctantly) by Ben's unapologetic public serenading talents on the floors of the bowling lane. Whether this was meant to distract the opponent or flirt with the cute girl in the next lane doesn't matter, it ended in marriage...their marriage to be more specific!  The family aspect was probably one of my favorite parts about this particular wedding. Ben and Holli's families seemed to mesh so well, enjoy each others company, with their fathers even working together to build the amazing "mini-chapel" that you will see below. I had a blast capturing their special day and I hope you enjoy the stories and photos that follow. Thank you for coming! 

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Wedding Invitation photos
mother of the bride sharing in a toast
mom helping the bride put on her wedding dress
close up wedding dress details
helping the bride with perfume
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bridesmaids wedding portraits
tender moments between a father and daughter
the bride pinning on her dads boutineer
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Wedding hashtag ideas
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bridesmaid toasts before the wedding ceremony

groom waiting to see his bride for the first time
ring bearer running down the aisle

What started out a walk, quickly turned to a full on sprint as the ring bearer ran down the aisle at full speed! haha

The bride walking down the aisle with her parents
handmade wedding arbors
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Somersworth NH Wedding Photographer-61.JPG
bride and groom with the ringbearer
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This birch chapel built together by both of their dads, went well beyond a home made arbor! Certainly a pretty impressive and beautiful touch for a backyard wedding ceremony!

homemade wedding arch arbor made out of birch wood
Somersworth NH Wedding Photographer-82.JPG
Somersworth NH Wedding Photographer-94.JPG
Somersworth NH Wedding Photographer-88.JPG

When the time came for their first dance, a blown breaker killed the power for a couple minutes, but the guests didn't skip a beat! The sudden silence was quickly filled with clapping and an acapella rendition of "September" by Earth, Wind, & Fire for Ben and Holli to temporarily dance to. Until the power was restored, they switched to cutting the cake before continuing with the dances. For the mother/son dance, they opted for a more upbeat dance routine and Ben's dad even helped out with some air guitar backup!

Video Credit: Ashley Miles (guest)

First dance photos
Somersworth NH Wedding Photographer-101.JPG
Somersworth NH Wedding Photographer-107.JPG
Somersworth NH Wedding Photographer-110.JPG
Somersworth NH Wedding Photographer-113.JPG

With the formal dances finished, it was time to party the evening away! Options included the campfire with creative smore options, a cigar bar, just hanging out, or hitting the dace floor... that is, if you dared to rival Ben's dad. He was for sure king of the dance floor! haha

Awesome Wedding Dance Photos
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black and white wedding photo with a young girl
how to take a large group wedding photo on the dance floor
fun night time wedding photos
Somersworth NH Wedding Photographer-144.JPG
Somersworth NH Wedding Photographer-138.JPG

^^^ Guess who's vest? Yup, Ben's dad. haha!

wedding photos under the stars flax studios astrophotographer
Sparkler wedding send off

Thank you Ben and Holli!

- Vendors - 

Photographer: James Flachsbart
Videographer: Terrill Productions

Coordinator: BAM Events
Catering - Chill Catering
Hair: Tangled Up Studio
Makeup: Kim Gosselin
Flowers: East of Eden (tables), Lyndsey Loring Design (bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.)
Dress: WTOO by Watters
Tux: The Black Tux
Tent: Savvy, Biddeford, ME


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