Acadia Elopement Photographer | Asticou Gardens | Northeast Harbor, Maine

I had such a great time in my back and forth conversations with DC leading up to the wedding day, that I knew I’d love spending a couple of hours with these two. DC and Erin invited me to capture their intimate wedding in Acadia, which turned out to be gorgeous! The day that they had originally scheduled to tie the knot had turned out to a be a horribly rainy day, but thankfully, we were able to shift things around and move their big day to the next morning. I’m so glad that we did! In the end, they chose to be married at the Asticou Azalea Gardens in Southwest Harbor, which are absolutely stunning in June! If you’ve never been, it’s something I would highly recommend. I had a great morning with these two and am happy to share some of the images captured!

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Asticou Gardens Wedding Photos
Asticou Gardens Acadia Elopement Photos-1.jpg
Asticou Gardens Acadia Elopement Photos-7.jpg
Asticou Gardens Acadia Elopement Photos-8.jpg
Asticou Garden Wedding Ceremony
Asticou Gardens Acadia Elopement Photos-13.jpg
Asticou Gardens Acadia Elopement Photos-15.jpg
Asticou Gardens Acadia Elopement Photos-17.jpg
wedding photos with friends at Asticou in Southwest Harbor
group wedding photos at the Asticou Azalea Gardens
Asticou Gardens Acadia Elopement Photos-28.jpg

How about this gorgeous bouquet by Island Dreamweaver Flowers. Not only did Tammy make this, but she was also the officiant!

Natural Wedding Flower Bouquet
Asticou Gardens Acadia Elopement Photos-34.jpg
Asticou Azalea Gardens Wedding Portrait
Bride and Groom walking through the Asticou Gardens
Asticou Gardens Acadia Elopement Photos-37.jpg
Black and white wedding photo among flowery trees
intimate wedding photojournalists in Maine
Romantic black and white photographers in Acadia
up close photograph of the wedding rings
Asticou Gardens Acadia Elopement Photos-46.jpg
Asticou Gardens Acadia Elopement Photos-47.jpg

After spending some time in the gardens, we made our way to Jesup Path for a few more photos. The access to get there is found through the Wild Gardens Of Acadia, so if you find yourself confused when Google maps doesn’t seem to take you to this well known spot, that is why! The wooden walking path through the woods is a great spot.

Asticou Gardens Acadia Elopement Photos-48.jpg
jesup path wedding photos in acadia notional park
Wild gardens of acadia during a summer day
Wild Gardens of acadia wedding in the woods
Asticou Gardens Acadia Elopement Photos-55.jpg

Thank you DC and Erin!

- Vendors - 

James Flachsbart
Officiant & Flowers- Tammy Tripler of
Island Dreamweaver Flowers

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