Scott + Margaret's Engagement Photos | Breakwater Lighthouse | Rockland, ME Photographer

Scott and Margaret were visiting all the way from Los Angeles, and wanted to have their engagement session in Rockland. Her family is from the area and her 96 year-old Great Aunt still lives right downtown where she has her entire life! We started the session out on the Breakwater, where her family has a bench that's dedicated to a family member. During our time, we even witnessed a seagull rescue operation! Probably one of the more entertaining things to witness during an engagement session, especially since the rescuer even joked about making a stew out of it....yuck haha. Our final stop was in downtown to take a few pictures in front of her family's home. A spur of the moment idea led to my favorite shot in the middle of main street. After setting up a little lighting, we got an epic kissing picture of them in the middle of the road as I was lying down on the pavement! Scott and Margaret are having their wedding in California, so I won't be there for that, but it was a pleasure meeting them and I wish them all the best in their future life together!

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Strand Theater Engagement

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