Carrie's Baby Shower - Owls Head Maine Family Photographers

Hi Everyone, James here! I'm super excited to introduce my wife Laureh's first blog post! With a little push, this was her first solo photography outing(note her watermark), and she did awesome! You can expect to hear more from her in the future as she comes on board to help with some blogging and even some photography work in the future. We're also excited to be sharing some of our travels soon in our upcoming travel blog! Without further ado, enjoy her first post!



 Ok, so maybe there were only two babies.... but they were so darn cute, that their smiling faces seemed to just fill the room  :)   There were additional young ones running around, which added to the upbeat atmosphere as well. 

The star of this particular story was one baby Marley, who was all too precious. As one party-goer said, "I have no idea how you get anything accomplished at home... I would just be too distracted by her cuteness all day long."  Not to mention, the two-year old sister which mom has to chase around all day long as well, but that's another story. (We're rooting for you, Carrie!)

The guest of honor... just look at those eyes!

The guest of honor... just look at those eyes!

Welcome party #1 for baby Marley was at home.  Grandma was visiting from out of state so it was the perfect time for a get together.  That's one proud grandmother!

Grandma gets some one on one time  :)

Grandma gets some one on one time  :)


Big sister got to help with opening the presents, and also with "reading" the cards. As you can tell, she was very intent on reading them.  I'd say she was a pretty good helper!

Baby Marley received many lovely gifts.  This sweater was the first of many wonderful creations made especially for her. Talk about talent!

Amid all of the activity and hubbub, this lucky lady managed to find time to enjoy some baby snuggles and baby smiles :)  How is it that these precious little ones manage to so quickly steal our hearts and brighten a piece of our souls?  Baby Marley brought joy to many hearts that day!



Round two was given by Carrie's lovely church family.  More food, good conversation, and gifts!  Many thanks to these wonderful ladies who gave of their time and energy to organize, prepare food, decorate, etc.  It's so great to be a part of a community.  Baby Marley was certainly the center of attention yet again, though I think she was rather unaware and pretty much slept right through being such a star ;)   

This handsome little man stole away a few hearts that day as well.  How could he not, all dressed up as he was?!  I'd say he's ready for his first day of work, wouldn't you?  :)

And in case you didn't realize, baby faux hawks are all the rage right now.  At least, these two seem to think so!  

Some of the many things Carrie unwrapped that day.  Quite a few of them were even homemade (talk about some talented people) and all were most assuredly appreciated! The matching hats were made for little sis and big sis to wear together :)

There were some pretty cute helpers at this party too  :)   

More party-goers!

Dad and big sister showed up as the party was winding down.  Let's just say that Juliette was VERY excited about this, because there were some gifts for her to open as well.  

And just as things was wrapping up, Miss Marley decided to wake up and see what was going on :)   Thanks to everyone for coming!