The Best Maine Wedding Photos of 2016 | Flax Studios

When you capture tens of thousands of images a year, it can be an incredibly difficult task to pick out your favorites. This last year's opportunities took me all over the place, including New Hampshire and New York, and it's such an overwhelming feeling to have the job I have. Most images that I take are composed and planned in a matter of seconds and then it's time to move on to the next thing. It's very stressful, but I love what I do and wouldn't trade it for anything! There really is an overflow of joy I feel as I look back and relive all of these moments, spent with so many awesome people. Most of the collection below is from weddings, but there's also a sprinkling from various family, engagement, and portrait sessions as well! There are countless images that I had to cut to help ensure this page would load, but this is roughly 100 of my favorites! 2016 was such an incredible season and it looks like 2017 is shaping up to be a very full season as well! There are only a handful of 2017 wedding dates left, but 2018 is now open for booking as well. So if you are planning your big day in Maine or beyond (I would love some destination weddings), head over to the contact page and lets talk! Well, without further ado, these are some of the best photos of 2016 in no particular order! Thanks for coming, enjoy!

Lightsaber Duel Photos Flax Studios
Night time astrophotography portraits flax studios
Maine Lobster Boat Romantic Sillhouette
Bride getting ready photos
Millinocket Lakes Wedding Photos
Rockland Maine Downtown Main Street Photography
Church Wedding Sillhouette
Crabtree Kittle House Wedding Photographers Flax Studios
Samoset Rockport Maine
Adorable Toddler Photo Ideas
Blueberry Cove Wedding Photos
Emotional Bride During ceremony
Blowing Veil
Maine Street Rockland Artists Flax Studios
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Marshall Point Lighthouse
Best Maine Lobster
Augusta Maine Waterfront kissing in the rain
Night time off camera flash
Hobbitland Photo Sessions
Bride walking down the stairs
Bethel Maine Bridge
Night time off camera flash portraits
spinning flower girl
Thomaston Engagement
Acadia National Park Stone Bridges Eagle Lake
First Wedding Dance Tent OCF
Captured for LAD Photography

Captured for LAD Photography

Senior Portrait
Funny Wedding Photo
Grooms first look
Bridal Portraits
Wedding Ring Shots
Groom carrying bride
Wedding Photobomb
Black and white wedding portraits
Lincolnville Beach Weddings
Chappaqua NY Wedding Photographers
Bethel Inn ME Wedding Photographers
Artsy Wedding Shots
Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse
Laughing Portrait
Classic Car for rent
Bridal Portrait look back
Funny ringbearer photos
kissing in the back seat of a hot rod
Bride with bridesmaids laughing
Morrill, ME Private Wedding
Fun wedding party photo ideas
Bride getting ready with wedding dress behind
private field bride and groom photos
bride and groom walking
Scenic Wedding Photos
Sunset wedding images
Owls Head Lighthouse engagement
Tent lighting ideas for wedding
Hallowell Maine Forest
Cute family ideas with baby
Freeport maine weddings
Fall foliage photography at weddings
Bar Harbor Inn Weddings
Marshall Point Lighthouse Port Clyde ME
Chair raising tradtion
bride fiddling
Classic Pontiac GTO
Captured for LAD Photography

Captured for LAD Photography

hilarious wedding photos
A Very Maine Wedding
Astrophotography portraits
silly wedding photo ideas
Cloudy evenings
lace sandals
Tenants Harbor Bridal shots
extreme lighting portraits
Dancing under the chandeliers
Hobbitland in Hallowell
dip kiss in the bridge
Adas Yoshuron Wedding Rockland Maine
Newagen Seaside Inn Harbor
walking and laughing in the rain
Portsmouth New Hampshire Art School
Scenic Maine Sunset Photos
alamoosook lakside cabins wedding
Millinocket Lake Wedding
Wedding dress
Ultrawide portraits
kissing on top of abridge
ussing a classic car for a wedding
fun wedding photos
Having your ceremony on a sandbar
give her a twril
Blueberry Cove 4H Camp Tenants Harbor Maine
Cute Infant family photo ideas
Taking photos at dusk
taking nice photos in the woods
Samoset Maine Wedding Photographer Flax Studios Rockport