Scott + Jamie | The 1812 Farm Wedding | Bristol, ME Photographer

Wow, what a day! It was particularly warm out for Scott and Jamie’s wedding day, and the weather was all over. Thankfully, we got through the whole day without getting rained on, but WOW, did we ever get some AWESOME skies after the ceremony on the point! This whole day was a fun-filled bash from start to finish. The laughter and good times were non-stop, and the non-serious nature of these two made us the perfect fit. I had such a great time capturing these two, and I hope you enjoying reliving the day through this post. Thanks for coming!

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1812 Farm Wedding Photos-80.jpg
1812 Farm Outdoor Reception Photos
1812 Farm Wedding Photos-7.jpg
ringbearer in his superman outfit
bride getting ready with her dog
wedding dress hanging in the window
1812 Farm Wedding Photos-37.jpg

PemaQuid Point Lighthouse Ceremony

It was time to get married! With everyone ready, we headed down the peninsula to the point, a beautiful spot to get married in Maine. Scott was already there with his groomsmen while Jamie and her bridesmaids were waiting in the lighthouse museum until the ceremony was ready to begin.

Pemaquid Point

Sophie in her tutu was certainly ready to get this show on the road!

pug dressed up in tutu for the wedding
bride walking down the aisle with her father
groom seeing his bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle
wedding ceremony at pemaquid point
1812 Farm Wedding Photos-53.jpg
1812 Farm Wedding Photos-55.jpg
1812 Farm Wedding Photos-56.jpg
ring bearer inspecting the wedding ring

Just in case you couldn’t tell, this was a FUN group!

Fun wedding party photos
fun bridesmaid photo ideas
ultrawide wedding party photo on the rock at Pemaquid
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse with a storm coming
1812 Farm Wedding Photos-77.jpg
Trick wedding photography
Pemaquid Wedding Photographer
Epic Maine Wedding Photos on the coast
Pemaquid Point State Park Wedding
Pemaquid Wedding On The Rocks
Ultrawide wedding photos
1812 Farm Wedding Photos-88.jpg
1812 Farm Wedding Photos-78.jpg
Pemaquid Lighthouse Wedding

The 1812 Farm Wedding Reception

Only a short drive from Pemaquid Point is this lovely coastal Maine wedding venue! This was my first time here, and hopefully not the last. The grounds are so well kept and gorgeous. We arrived back after finishing photo to everyone hanging out, enjoying each others company, playing lawn games, and waiting for the party to start!

Wedding Cake Topper
1812 Farm wedding entrance
The bride and groom have a fun time entering the reception
1812 Farm first dance
Stone Cove Catering Desserts

“HEY! I see you Mr. Photographer, leave me alone!” haha

funny kids sleeping at the wedding reception
Whoopie Pie wedding cake

After their cake cutting, they had a special suprise for one of the bridal party members. They had a whoopie pie birthday cake made especially for her!

parents dance
Married over 50 years
bride and groom dancing with their pug during the reception

If possible, it’s always great to get a group shot with your wedding guests. Always helps if it’s a smaller party like this too!

1812 Farm large group wedding photo
bride with her mother and grandmother
generational wedding ring photo
Wedding Bouquet
pug getting fed dessert at the wedding
black and white wedding images at the 1812 Farm

“Rock Em Sock Em” lawn game. How awesome is that? And is it ok to knock the bride down on her wedding day?! I guess so…haha

1812 Farm Wedding Photos-162.jpg
1812 Farm Wedding Photos-168.jpg
romantic wedding photos the 1812 farm in bristol maine
1812 Farm Wedding Photos-176.jpg
romantic black and white wedding photographers in maine
1812 Farm Wedding Photos-185.jpg
grandfather smoking a cigar
1812 Farm Wedding Photos-186.jpg
1812 Farm Wedding Photos-196.jpg
1812 Farm Wedding Photos-194.jpg
1812 Farm Wedding Photos-202.jpg

Getting my signature goofy client selfie was not difficult with Scott and Jamie. What a great day!

1812 Farm Wedding Photos-200.jpg

Thank you Scott and Jamie!


Venue - The 1812 Farm
Coordinator - Sarah Maurer
Catering -
Stone Cove Catering
DJ -
Bouchard Entertainment
Videographer - RogerThat! Media Productions
Cake -
Two Fat Cats Bakery
Flowers -
Boothbay Region Greenhouses

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